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Capt. Adam Snyder of Port St. Lucie, Florida died on December 5 in Iraq. His family has released the e-mail below, his last correspondence to his family and friends before he died.
Things are going pretty well here.  We actually find ourselves bored some days, because enemy activity has been low.  This is a good thing, thought not much fun.  It seems the new policies of reconciliation, working with local Iraqi leaders and empowering them to tackle the problems, is really paying off.  The bottom line is that a victory is in site [sic].  Unfortunately, victory is two-fold.  One, the nation must be secure from external enemies: foreign fighters from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc.  This is the part we are doing well at.  The second part is creating a self-sufficient Iraqi government.  This is the part we seem to be failing quite exceptionally at.  At every level of government, corruption is at a heinous level.  I'm not sure what the answer is, but it will take a strong leader with an iron fist to stamp out this mess.  The U.S. often forces the Iraqis to treat problems with a western mindset.  Example, your Oil Ministry is corrupt.  The Iraqi answer may be to execute the Oil Minister and his key allies, while imprisoning the rest.  We do not allow that, and instead force the Iraqis government to move key officials, and issue them stern warnings, which does nothing.
One thing we must admit: Saddam ran a pretty tight ship.  Things might not have been ultra-efficient, but things got done.  The majority of the problems in Iraq now are our's the U.S. government's fault.  It is utterly ridiculous to see so many Senators and Representatives on the national news condemning the leaders of Iraq for their ineptitude.  Where they really should point that figure is at themselves and their colleagues.  I would be curious to see the results of a basic quiz given to Congress.  Name Iraq and all of its neighbors.  Explain the difference between Sunni and Shia.  Explain the formation of the nation of Iraq.  Explain how Al Qaeda came to power.
I imagine these gentlemen would not attack Iraq with such zeal if the American public knew how little Congress knew about the matters they decide on.  Yes, I am talking way above my pay grade, but the absurdity of our upper echelons of government is to an intolerable level, and I feel it is my job as an American citizen and a leader of its soldiers to educate the population, whose rights I purportedly protect.  The approach of the election brings an opportunity to make change, both good and bad.  Republican or Democrat, I don't care.  It just takes an educated, experienced, moral person, who can be honest with themselves and their constituents.  I know, I ask the impossible.  I think it is appalling how few men of Congress, especially the Presidential candidates, have any military service, especially when the Iraq War and the War on Terror is the biggest focal point. 

The Iraq war has become a euphemism, it's now just that tired old Bush/Neocon war over in Iraq.  It seems we've grown accustomed to the horrors of war, the politics, the oil, the meaninglessness, all have been relegated to the back of our minds.  The mainstream media feeds us "good news" about how there are LESS deaths and injuries. Whoopee-do!  As if numbers going down mean anything to a grieving family's loss.

The fact that it is still going on, is enough to make a Nation weep, but do we shed any tears?  Nope, we are too busy buying the needless crap that China has oversold us.  It's beyond disgusting and I am as guilty as the rest of you good little American consumers. 

When a news article such as this sad  "Read Capt. Adam Snyder's last e-mail home", comes our way, it's sort of like a resurrection to our collective conscience. It turns our thoughts back to the virtual Banging On The Doors of Our Leaders, to tell them, again, STOP THIS WAR AND BRING OUR TROOPS HOME.  Why do we have to wait until Bozo the President is out of office?  What kind of a game is this, they are playing?  These are not rhetorical questions, they need answers.  But do they even try to give us resolutions? Not as long as we continue to do as we are conditioned to do. That is, take our plastic FUNNYMONEY to the malls and buy the dangerous claptraps from China. They tell us, the war is doing well, so we need not worry! All the while, there are still young men and women dying in an illegal war.  thinkingblue

This is a clip from the McLaughlin Group where the host John McLaughlin makes what I believe are some poignant comments on the Iraq War. John McLaughlin was a Jesuit priest and left his order to go into journalism. He SUPPORTED the Vietnam War and opposes the Iraq War. This year has been the deadliest year of the war and the US has sacrificed over $1 trillion in opportunities for what?


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