CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOI am so thankful, I possess the ability to be a liberal. I can't imagine what it would be like to look at the world with a conservative mind. There is so much hatred within their brain cells, I almost can feel sorrow for their lot in life. To hate and not have the capacity to feel sympathy towards another human being is just too sad an existence. It appears, the only compassion they can muster is conditional. If you don't have your ducks in a row, according to their arrangement of ducks, you are scorned. You aren't suppose to have children if you can't afford health insurance.  It's your own fault if you wind up in a low paying job that doesn't give you health coverage. They want abortion to be illegal but their convoluted logic has already warned you ... YOU BETTER NOT HAVE KIDS IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE! Government is not there to lend a helping hand, their only functions are to spy on you and put you in jail or put you to death by execution or send you into a war, they've contrived.  Life is not like that! If we could plan our every move, our every function, every event, in a way that will exclude peril, we wouldn't even need a government. But the very state of life itself cannot be formulated into a scripted scenario. There are elements happening all the time, preconditions that are not under anyone's control. I feel lucky I can see this and fortunate I can feel empathy. Like I said, I can almost feel sorrow, for those who cannot. I say almost, but the hate they've been pitching around lately, is even too much for this long termed liberal to stomach. I've got to believe they will all get their comeuppance some day. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND! Meaning: when you do hurtful things something hurtful will happen to you, in time. It's like KARMA. thinkingblue

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