I received this email from youtube today...

After being flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature.

PHONEY SOLDIERS by Rush Limbaugh:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7kXEftfAu0

Please refer to our Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines for more information on what video material is not permitted on YouTube.

The YouTube Team

This was my response back to them:

I was very saddened to receive an email telling me you removed a video I uploaded... You did not tell me why, just a vague reference that it was flagged by members as being inappropriate. Did you read the comments on that particular video? The negative ones were all Rush Limbaugh supporters but there were many positive ones also.  I know it is your server and you can do as you please with any video but it sure seems unfair that members can flag a video that doesn't agree with their ideology as inappropriate and thus its removed, without rebuttal.  Sad but true fact of life in what we think is a democracy. Thanks, thinkingblue

If you click this linkon liveleak there is a remake of the Rush Limbaugh phony soldiers video. The only changes I made were the pictures. The original film had images of the devastation of war, on all people involved, the men, women and children caught in the horrors of war. If you are interested in the original video that was removed from YOUTUBE click this link  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=66a_1193582160 




Hello, thethinkingblue


PHONEY SOLDIERS by Rush Limbaugh
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oohnoobird (3 weeks ago)
Another leftist, socialist, liberal propaganda video.
1984or2007 (3 weeks ago)
Your an Idiot
1984or2007 (3 weeks ago)
Rush Limbaugh cares more about the troops than most people care about there Children.
Dem's are two faced hypocrites who are only for choice if they agree with you. If not then they smear you. Never fails and if you can't see this your blind with a closed mind.
lostmanco1965 (3 weeks ago)
rush is a draft dodger so saying he supports the milatery is an oxymoron
killinghours (3 weeks ago)
So if you make a mistake in your lifetime... you should always be persecuted for it? I robbed a store when I was younger... did my time, payed for the damages but since I did that... I guess I'm ALWAYS going to be a person to watch for. Even though I live a Christian lifestyle now and walk the straight and narrow.
MontySlab (3 weeks ago)
If any fucking Right Wing idiot mentions ABC's Phoney Soliders story I will kill them personally. ABC's story was about men and women who NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY BUT CLAIMED FAKE HONORS; Rush called REAL SOILDERS who fight and die in Bush's illegal war PHONEY. If you right wingers can't understand the difference we REALLY DO NEED TO KILL YOU ALL TO SAVE AMERICA.

cupera1 (3 weeks ago)
The olny phoney solider that Rush was refering to was Jess MacBeth. If media maters slams Rush the must slam ABC for the same thing
tropic16 (3 weeks ago)
Why all the anger? Has a nerve been struck? Are you telling me that MacBeth is not a phony? PS: everyone knows by listening that the 1st caller was never a republican - he had to lie... he, like all libs, just could not help himself.
thelawguy666 (3 weeks ago)
wow... the rage and stupidity here is palpable. and internet threats? what are you going to do come through the modem and start a fight? just so pathetic.
killinghours (3 weeks ago)
Reply back and I'll give you my address. I pray that you have balls to backup your wild dumbass left wing ideas. Bring your punkass to my doorstep with that crap and I promise you, you won't have to worry about the country anymore after that. Look forward to hearing from the "True" Hate Monger. Let me guess.. liberal are ya?
Pawnthief (3 weeks ago)
The Caller said They (the media) never talk to real soldiers. They elect to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue. Rush then responded "The phony soldiers". MacBeth was never mentioned. It was clear that he thought real soldiers support the war, phony soldiers do not.
Will somebody please help me find an honest Republican?!?
Prove me wrong if you can. I won't hold my breath waiting.
john135246 (3 weeks ago)
i guess i'm a phoney soldier served in afghan and iraq and against iraq
lostmanco1965 (3 weeks ago)
thank you for your service and bless you for your honesty
StoogeWatcher (3 weeks ago)
Reid and other liberals support those phony soldiers Limbaugh was talking about, like Jesse Macbeth and Jimmy Massey.
emkimmel (3 weeks ago)
Reid and us liberals support all of the troops. And we respect them enought to only want to risk their lives when the it will protect the country. Even General Petreaus could say with confidence that the nation is safer because of their sacrifice; bring them home.
mhreed1 (3 weeks ago)
good video besides the fact it couldn't be farther from the truth
stellablue (3 weeks ago)
I have one thing to say to poor baby Limbaugh: "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

Rush, hate to break it to you, but you about washed up. But maybe I don't need to break it to you. That might explain your behavior here.
binarydirector (3 weeks ago)
"He ate his hotdog with relish. "
It could mean he ate it with a condiment made up of diced pickles.
It could mean he ate it with "gusto."
Words only mean things, in context. And if the context is hazy, the meaning is lost.
Rush has never attacked the military.
The Democrats . . . well, why go there.
Apparently, they saw an opportunity to create a firestorm, and they took it.
It's just a political fight by a party that claims it doesn't like to fight.
emkimmel (3 weeks ago)
The context was that when discussing ads featuring soldiers who oppose the war, Rus said T H E Y always use PHONEY SOLDIERS instead of REAL SOLDIERS who agree with him. Nobody can be fooled into believing that he was only speaking of one particular soldier; but the people who lied us into this war can say anything they want, their right to do so being protected by the ACLU.
buckiemohawk (3 weeks ago)
Go Rush Go... soros must be stopped before he turns our country into socialist nation we are america and we will be free or die... did know that college tution has risen only because of federal loans... the fed government is not the soltuion to anything
enkelin32 (3 weeks ago)
I have yet to meet a soldier (including my nephew who served in Iraq) who actually walked the streets on Patrol in Iraq who supports this war.
jpkm123 (3 weeks ago)
SO Limbollox did say any miltary who are anti-Iraq-war are "phony soldiers"....

The military hating fucker
ecophotos (3 weeks ago)
About that Rush comment, it offends me to the point of wanting to push in his face and tear out his eyes..

I am speaking, of course, about my daughter who is in Iraq right now (third time), who is a liberal democrat, who opposes the war, yet does her job regardless, who has earned two bronze stars and seven distinguished service citations for her performance. "Phoney soldier" indeed.

I think you can well understand my rage over this remark.
lewti27 (3 weeks ago)
All i have to say is Rush is a PHONEY AMERICAN !!!!! He should just retire. No soldier is phoney no matter what they say. They signed up to let people like FAT Boy rush talk everyday. I say the soldiers can say anything they damn well want to. Question their talking points, but do not question their service to your country.
caddius (3 weeks ago)
You guys are sheep! Anyone who actually listens to Rush knows this is all a cooked up lie that is being fed to you and you just eat it up. He was NOT talking about actual military, he was talking about the liars, actually PHONY SOLDIERS, he was NOT talking about ANYONE who was actually in the military.

But it's good to know that the left has finally drummed up a few actual soldiers to lean on and not rely on the liars. Stop being sheep. Find something with some merit to rip about.
TheMrE (3 weeks ago)
Caddius: What do you mean by "anyone who actually listens to Rush knows this is all a cooked up lie". The audio is out there for eveybody to listen. In context! You can check the transcript all you want (Rush's website actually CUT more than 2 minutes from it to TAKE IT out of context! Which proves he knows he messed up and had to COVER IT.)

You can't simple point and say this is all cooked up without anything to back it up. He put his foot in his mouth. He should at least say that!
caddius (3 weeks ago)
You have been fed and are regurgitating what the left media are saying. I have listened to Rush for more than 15 years and he has never said anything negative to the military. Have you actually ever listened to those 2 minutes? I know what is in it, and you obviously don't. It isn't Rush who has cut off everything after the phony soldiers remark to slant it for them. Rush was speaking about actual false soldiers the Left put so much faith into.
Lawtek712 (3 weeks ago)
Rush Limpbauh needs to be removed from the airways. His unbelievable arrogance has been polluting the airways for far too long now and it is about time we, as a society, put an end to his behavior.
cupera1 (3 weeks ago)
That is the whole point of Media Maters is to silence any and all opposition to the left. MM is willing to do or say any lie to get rid of any one that oppose the libs.
PigVomit100 (3 weeks ago)
Yea... they control the media and remove voices of descent in totalitarian countries also. If he was such a menace then why is he so popular? Why is liberal talk radio such a failure? I suppose you support the fairness doctrine to force media companies to put on air liberal voices. This is stalinism.
tangoseven2 (3 weeks ago)
right on brother..right on!!!
Lawtek712 (3 weeks ago)
The reason that Rush is popular is because of political objectives. Look at the fashion industry for example: Fashion companies determine what will be in fashion and the common public purchases items based on per-determined criteria. The same theory holds true to much of what we hear and see in America. Political power is something that cannot be underestimated. Rush is just another problem that we, as a society, have to over come.
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
Rush is not "popular" in the over-all grand scheme of things. Neither is FAUX News. That is an illusion they project. Creating a reality. An attempt to make themselves more important than they really are. The percentage of the over-all population who actually listen to, or watch, right-wing based programming is minute. Something like 3%, or less. Those who do are well organized and dedicated.
Ralphdraw3 (3 weeks ago)
Great video - starts a little slow but that clip of Rush blowing a gasket with his caller is wonderful. Rush stutters, uuhh, ummm, gets the caller's name wrong, starts yelling, can't answer his questions.. etc.

DellQuietKeyer (3 weeks ago)
Hey asshole...the first part of the recording was too damn long and boring...just play the rush tape and be done with it. I hate you mother fuckers who try to customize shit and screw it up in the process.
ovurtyme (3 weeks ago)
In Refrence to:
[DellQuietKeyer (3 hours ago)
Hey asshole...the first part of the recording was too damn long and boring...just play the rush tape and be done with it. I hate you mother fuckers who try to customize shit and screw it up in the process.

Yeah and MORONS like you who are unimaginative and misinformed think everyones ideas suck if it doesnt jive with you!!!
I think the Vid and audio was great!
BTW Liberals are whats screwing up this country....
gregyman1957 (3 weeks ago)
Rush is an American patriot, and has done more for the troops than all of you idiots. so just hate on becuase you cant stop the truth.
Neoconhater (3 weeks ago)
Yep, can't stop the truth, and the truth is Rush is a pathetic dipshit.
copcorona (3 weeks ago)
Rush is a liar.
only fools listen to his lies.
Wake up America Baghdad is the new Stalingrad.
jtbonde (3 weeks ago)
Do your research assholes... he was refering to a man named Jesse MacBeth who was kicked out of the military during bootcamp then claimed to be a veteran....
Neoconhater (3 weeks ago)

Go crawl back up the asshole you were born out of you ignorant putz.
fakepenis (3 weeks ago)

rush limburger..

had a frontal or temporal lobe damage..

BUSH would RUSH to give him a PURPLE HEART.

I challenge limburger to serve his program in BAGHDAD-Live.. pick up his $30,000,000/yr salary in the Green Zone.
DarkerDivinity (3 weeks ago)
Rush has no college degree. He is a babbling moron.
aidens07 (3 weeks ago)
You are right! We should send everyone that does not agree with us to jail and then hang the burnt body from a post! Yes, we are the tolerate ones!
PhonySoldiersMom (3 weeks ago)
Wussies should not got to war!

Just real men!
Like 99% of our men in uniform!
sil2222 (3 weeks ago)
Real men defend freedom not take it away so far war crimes include rape murder of 1 million iraqi children and woman this is not a war with honor now go pick your bible up and figure out what you are promoting monster
conehead1337 (3 weeks ago)
wow all this over a misquote
hushbimbo was talking about the phoney soldiers posting videos online against the war and those charged with the new "stolen valor" law
clinelou (3 weeks ago)
As long as it takes (others peoples kids) to get the job done.
gregyman1957 (3 weeks ago)
pwoplw who hate rush should all go hang themselves right now!
monkeychicken89 (3 weeks ago)
Well done but its phony not phoney.
thethinkingblue (3 weeks ago)
They are both correct... from the American Heritage Dictionary: phoney adj. --phoney n. Variant of phony. Not genuine or real; counterfeit:
signsbyrusty (3 weeks ago)
Limbaugh has 2 ass holes...one located just below his nose.
VoodooMagicMan (3 weeks ago)
Your looking in the mirror
dmgstuff (3 weeks ago)
Jon Jon Jon..... Rush is not the enemy, the current congress is trying its best to derail any momentum or chances of winning the war....they have bet the entire democratic party on losing this war. War entered into by the USA should be fought to win; not lose, like congress wants....that is why Congress has the LOWEST approval rating ever of 11%. That is the real problem today !!!
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
That is what people like YOU want Congress to think. Congress has an extremely low approval rating because they were swept in with a mandate to do something about this administration, the "war", and the tramppling of our Constitution.
dmgstuff (3 weeks ago)
They were NOT swept into anything, they promised their party that they could and would pull out of the war. That is how they got into power, now they can not perform and they do not have the balls to STOP funding the war, which they could but don't. Quit making excuses, how about taking time to think about how to WIN this war instead of how to lose it !!
andrew0169420 (3 weeks ago)
tell what there is to win there. how many Americans have to die to make this a win? how many Iraqi's have to die for your win? and how long is it going to take to do this? and if you really want to help win join the armed forces.
VoodooMagicMan (3 weeks ago)
About twice as much as we have now.
dmgstuff (3 weeks ago)
Andrew, I can't educate you in a couple sentences. But, I will leave you with this... research our war history, then tell me one war in our history, that you could predict everything about the war, before it played out. It's not a game it is a war !! And we have the ability to win IF we want to. So it will take as long as it takes, more time and deaths with the democrats trying to lose the war. But we will not allow it, and we will win with or without you liberals.
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
I guess seventy-something percent of us REGULAR Americans are liberals. It is the heated rhetoric and playing politics with EVERYTHING by people like Rush which has undermined the war effort. Calling average Americans un-American, alienating your own Republicans, all because they ask valid questions. YOU undermine the effort, by seeking to divide us as a nation. At a time when we should all join together.
dmgstuff (3 weeks ago)
What question are you raising that is SO valid that is being ignored? Your response IS pure rhetoric! Go ahead and KEEP believing what you believe, just remember this chat in 2009. The republican party is the party of solutions. Unlike democrates they have NO solutions they just HATE!
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
The strategy of trying to shame people into supporting this "war", by calling people un-American and un-patriotic, backfired. It had a negative effect. Not only did people decide to not support the effort, they became angry.
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
dmgstuff: I have a solution. We can put politics aside and call upon someone to run for President who will put the Comstitution first. Someone who is willing to open everything up for us. Someone on a mission to expose any and all wrong-doing, misuse, of secret govt. agencies, irregardless of ANYONE'S legacy. Let the chips fall where they may.
andrew0169420 (3 weeks ago)
sorry for my inability to write. but your right I don't think that you can tell me when its going to end or how many more have to die. but I can site one great war that one of your super smart conservatives came up with and is still being lost every day and happens to be the war on drugs (thank you for wasting my tax dollars Mr. Regan) do you think that Iraq is going to be won like that war is so clearly being won???
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
What is patriotism? I think patriotism means putting our Constitution before anything else. Before money, power, politics, and religion. For example: If you place your religious beliefs before our Constitution you are not patriotic, you are religious. You use the freedoms granted by our Constitution to promote those beliefs. And conveniently support our Constitution when it suits you and ignore it when it does not suit you.
VoodooMagicMan (3 weeks ago)
I will tell to your face. Rush loves the troops and your being punked by the Left.
Sad and they won't let you hear the truth.
signsbyrusty (3 weeks ago)
VooDoo says "Rush loves the troops"...I'll tell you who Rush loves...Rush loves himself...and ditto heads would love to suck his toes if they could...and Rush would let them and enjoy every minute...the arrogant, sanctimonious, bombastic, concieted SOB
tangoseven2 (3 weeks ago)
ryanswangin (3 weeks ago)
I cant believe this crap,where are all of the good pictures of whats going on over there
why dont you praise the troops by telling what good they are doing
estgar1 (3 weeks ago)
What does "Winning" even mean to you people?
Will we get attacked by terrorists if we stop attacking?
would terrorist have attacked again by now if we hadn't attacked? I do not think this war changes a god damn thing, its a failure now, it will be a failure next year, and the year after and so on... the only good thing that can come out of this war is to stop it and bring our boys and girls back home.
estgar1 (3 weeks ago)
all of a sudden we are the leaders of the free world... shit... the world is pretty big, i can name a few other peace enjoying countries right now if i had to. how come we didn't give a a shit about Iraq before 911? we didn't worry about Saddam for shit, i had never in my life heard of Osama Bin Laden, all of a sudden we are the supper fucking heroes of the free world?
estgar1 (3 weeks ago)
let me ask everyone this... why did we wait so long to do anything about terrorism if we really did care that much? why only after 911? because we didn't give a shit and thats the truth.and we still don't, we care a lot about oil and we only needed one reason to go and get our hands on it.
estgar1 (3 weeks ago)
how long must be keep our soldiers there? how many more have to die? how do you win a war against a belief, a way of life, a religion? is every single person shooting back in Iraq really a terrorist? wouldn't you shoot back at some one who just shelled your home or your whole town if you had a gun? if one of your loved ones was killed during invasion? i would... we devastated the country, clean water and food is hard to obtain, the country has been thrown into chaos, and we expect to be loved?
YawBStoopit01 (3 weeks ago)
Jesse Al-Zaid, aka Jesse MacBeth is just the latest Democrat dog-whore. Like Cindy Sheehan nefore him, the Dems throw their dog-whores on their knees and attempt to mount them from the behind (even while lacking the necessary man-tools with which to effect such an act). Jesse should have a sex change in hopes of becoming a real man. With a penis and balls added, he could live a happy live in San Francisco as a gay man.
Smashbeast (2 weeks ago)
You have a low I.Q. YewBstoopit01.
deliciousmorton (3 weeks ago)
is rush limbaugh qualified to say which soldiers are "phoney," and which ones are not? whatever limbaugh really does know about the military is through books and movies. rush has no "real-life" experience
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
Why not just have a war on Fascism, in general? Why is it narrowed down to just "Islamo-fascists"? We had a war on Communism for fifty years. Fascism is the obvious threat to democracy. Religion is just a tool used by fascists who seek to spread fascism. Fascism is our enemy.
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
American Heritage Dictionary-"Fascism: A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism."
krazee81 (3 weeks ago)
Obviously nobody here read the transcripts? HAHA a man lied about going to iraq and hanging casualties and burning them, said he had a purple heart, but he was enlisted for 44 days, never went to iraq and never witnessed all he said he did....Thus PHONY SOLDIER.....
sineaddeburca (3 weeks ago)
The "soldier" YOU are talking about called AFTER Rush's phoney soldier comments. Rush has since, tried to twist reality around in order to SAY he was referring to the guy you are talking about... whom he had not yet spoken to.
jscottupton (3 weeks ago)
Folks, I listed to Rush's show all last week...it was clear to me what he was talking about. He NEVER called real soldiers "phoney soldiers". It did NOT happen. Anyone who heard his show live knows that. These partial transcripts are pointless.
sineaddeburca (3 weeks ago)
I've heard it about 5 times and yes, he did call soldiers who do not go along with this war "phoney soldiers". It did happen.
signsbyrusty (3 weeks ago)
Limbaugh is a "Phoney Human Being"
signsbyrusty (3 weeks ago)
Limbaugh is just getting a dose of his own medicine...he constantly takes what others say and puts his spin on it to disparage and belittle...this looks like "karma" to me..."what goes around comes around" buddy...WHAT AN ASSHOLE
signsbyrusty (3 weeks ago)
We were 10 times safer with Saddam and his debilitated out of date military in power than we are today with Iraq's present situation...WE SHOULD HAVE NEVER INVADED IRAQ...DAMN YOU BUSH...DAMN YOU
sineaddeburca (3 weeks ago)
Hey all you Rush groupies... how do you feel about your man getting out of serving in Vietnam because he had a big pimple on his butt?
Lawtek712 (3 weeks ago)
Rush is a sad, pathetic example of an American. This "jag" has polluting the air-ways for far too long now and needs to be removed.
Lawtek712 (3 weeks ago)
The reason that Rush is popular is because of political objectives. Look at the fashion industry for example: Fashion companies determine what will be in fashion and the common public purchases items based on per-determined criteria. The same theory holds true to much of what we hear and see in America. Political power is something that cannot be underestimated. Rush is just another problem that we, as a society, have to over come.
youngson74 (3 weeks ago)
thank you for clearing it up. everybody is focusing on "phoney soldiers" but the key words actually come from the caller. He says, "soldiers that pop up out of the blue", you should look up "phoney heroes" which he called Phoney Soldiers. which he is refering to the show he did a day or two days ago. thank you again. i actually was mad at him but now you have showed me that everybody has been taking it out of context. thank you again
nuggs187 (3 weeks ago)
god you fucking people are stupid left wing hack fucking jobs.

HE WASNT TALKING ABOUT THE TROOPS! for fucvks sake you fucking cock whores. Fucking liberals make me sick. If you want to find someone who loves to bash our troops, look at the fucking democrap party. Fuck off. fucking stupid fucks.
caddius (3 weeks ago)
Today's demonstration on multiple uses for one word, nuggs. Thanks for coming by nuggs glad to have you over. I agree with you but wow.. Just wow! on the usage of the word F*ck.
12patriot12 (3 weeks ago)
huggs: You need a bigger dick-tionary. Do you suppose we could get some secret government agents to pose as anti-war protesters, have them spit on soldiers, in an effort to undermine the anti-war movement? I'm looking for solutions. Would this help gin up support?
rushman1989 (2 weeks ago)
my God ppl. Calm down. 99% of us already know he was referring to the "soldiers" who either never served or did serve then lied about what they witnessed, the latest being MacBeth. Let them have their fun with their usual lies and out-of-context comments and smears.
scatmuncher (2 weeks ago)
crosskulled (2 weeks ago)
liberals lied..liars the lot of them...brandon friedman a leading spokesman for VoteVets org admitting publicly that the reason the liberal hit squad is attacking rush is because they don't agree with his position on the war and that he is influential.
scatmuncher (2 weeks ago)
vatillson (2 weeks ago
The maker of this video must be a 13 year old boy, thinking off how to piss off daddy!
CelebHeadShot (2 weeks ago)
Watch Rush pay for his 'Phony Soldiers' remark. Go to youtube video y4RTECJS5rM


go click on my name!
InfoJunkieHolland (2 weeks ago)
shutz upz yo mouf ponkass rush limbaughzzz
Smashbeast (2 weeks ago)
Rush is a chicken shit rich white coward.

How can Rush support the war so much and not have the balls to go fight in it himself?
So this draft dodging coward is calling Republican, conservative, American Military Veterans "phony soldiers" because WE don't agree with the continued support for military action in Iraq? It confounds me how this fucking moron has a radio audience...proof of the abject failure of our educational institutions...it's sad that his groupies have apparently lost all sense of critical thinking.
redmark2007 (2 weeks ago)
Who was Rush refering to? What group of people/veterans are phony? Mike(Chicago)? Me? A twenty plus year veteran of two wars? No, wait...that's just a 20+ year dream that I had..all this coming from a credible source such as Rush Limbaugh? A draft dodging coward? I don't wonder about Rush's sanity (he's just an over compensated profiteer) I wonder about the sanity of his listeners.
laffalot72 (2 weeks ago)
Redmark: Its nor proof the abject failure of education. Its proof of fascism.

Heading back to Afghanistan soon to go perform my phony duty. Keep the heat on this fat chicken-hawk fuck for me, boys.
Lawtek712 (2 weeks ago)

Will do, just get you ass back safe my brother! Too many of us realize the truth about the Bush administration as well as this war. I hope Bush and Chenny pay! In the mean time, again, stay safe!
Lawtek712 (2 weeks ago)
No he wasn't talking about the "troops" in general, he was talking about "phony troop members". In other words, if you are serving your country but disagree with the Bush Administration, the war, or if you speak out against the war, then you are considered, by Rush, to be a phony soldier. Rush can try and spin this any way he wants, but the truth is out. We live in a digital society where it is all too easy to replay a statement. Rush's reference was "plural", and he said; "soldiers".
grazon (2 weeks ago)
He was talking about any serviceman current or Veteran who openly disagrees with Bush's War in Iraq.
cupera1 (2 weeks ago)
wrong, Rush was talking about Jesse MacBeth before the Phoney Soldier comment and then restated that the phoney soldier that they were talking about. watch?v=v2Il0TJflq0
john135246 (2 weeks ago)
CALLER: No, it's not, and what's really funny is, they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media.

LIMBAUGH: The phony soldiers.

CALLER: The phony soldiers. If you talk to a real soldier, they are proud to serve. They want to be over in Iraq. They understand their sacrifice, and they're willing to sacrifice for their country.
grazon (2 weeks ago)
Looks like john135246 just pwnd your ass.
cac81 (2 weeks ago)
Are you KIDDING me?!?..Number 1..this audio soudbyte has NOTHING to do with the phoney soldiers comment. and Number 2..i listen to Rush daily and i was listening the day he first said Phony Soldiers..HE was talking about a story that ABC news had reported. A story exposing people who CLAIMED that our troops were killing innocent ppl. People who were later found to have never even BEEN to Iraq. Specifically a kid named Jesse McBeth. Born Jesse Al Zaid..(CONTINUED)
cac81 (2 weeks ago)
(CONTINUED)Jesse Mcbeth claimed that he was an army ranger..recieved a purple heart..claimed he witnessed our troops hanging children from rafters in mosques. Jesse Al Zaid never went to Iraq. Jesse Al Zaid washed out of boot camp after 44 days. Jesse Al Zaid will be serving 5 months in jail for claiming these PHONY STATEMENTS..THAT IS WHAT RUSH SAID. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, LIBS. It had nothing to do with anti-war soldiers in general.
john135246 (2 weeks ago)
CALLER: No, it's not, and what's really funny is, they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media.

LIMBAUGH: The phony soldiers.

CALLER: The phony soldiers. If you talk to a real soldier, they are proud to serve. They want to be over in Iraq. They understand their sacrifice, and they're willing to sacrifice for their country.
Krovedc1 (2 weeks ago)
Dingy Harry and these people in the Senate, when can we ever believe anything they say again? If somebody lies to you once, it's not a stand-alone event. We know they lie constantly. This is so blatant and so wide out in the open, that it ought to have everybody questioning exactly what these people are voting on, what they think they see when they read legislation -- if they do -- or any time they open their mouth.
je2u (2 weeks ago)
Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace to humanity. He is a hate-monger & should not be allowed to pollute the minds of moral people with his sick cynicism & double talk. I feel sorry for all the people that listen to him & think he is such a great "moral" person who is not afraid to speak out against what "he" in "his" own mind perceives as immoral or unjust. It makes me sad that my BF is one of the fools sucked into RL's BS!:(
54saratoga (2 weeks ago)
This guy a draft dodger who dosent know whate
hes talking about . NEO CON pig
Bamagirl2116 (2 weeks ago)
RUSH has done more for our soldiers over there than any of you sitting in your chairs hiding behind your computers BASHING him.
grazon (2 weeks ago)
And you know that how?
Bamagirl2116 (2 weeks ago)
I listen to his show! Money donations
grazon (2 weeks ago)
You don't know who all the people who disagree with Rush are.
chrishafford (2 weeks ago)
another reason to pull soldiers out of iraq is to stop the flood of money being poured into this war. the canadian dollar has surpassed the us dollar and if things keep going this way we'll be neck and neck with peso. maybe that will fix imagration. we will all be headed south. learn spanish
cupera1 (2 weeks ago)
yes, we should immediately surrender to the terrorist and bow down to Mecca
grazon (2 weeks ago)yes, we should immediately kill all muslims and nuke Mecca.

cupera1 (2 weeks ago)
so how does surrender and appeasement stop the terrorists
grazon (2 weeks ago)
What part of Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 do you repugs not get?
cupera1 (2 weeks ago)
Except for the millions in support and training bases for terrorist that Saddam supplied. AQ was in Iraq for years before 911. When Afghanistan got too hot for them they went to the next friendliest country, Iraq.
grazon (2 weeks ago)
Even Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothign to do with 9/11.
cupera1 (2 weeks ago)
The Taliban also had nothing to do with 911 except give the terrorist a safe place to train and financial support.
CelebHeadShot (2 weeks ago)
Rush Limbaugh is an idiot, watch the proof:

youtube video - y4RTECJS5rM

or click on my name.
cupera1 (2 weeks ago)
It was not in this case of Jesse MacBeth. The phoney solider smear was a contrived smear that media maters made up to try and take away free speach for talk raido.
grazon (2 weeks ago)
Even you aren't dumb enough to believe that.
jjorockstar (2 weeks ago)
the guy that posted this video is an idiot bill clinton is a draft dodger so how can this guy say anything about rush not wearing a uniform? also, i like how the video was edited to leave out the rest of the conversation about the "phoney soldier" who was convicted for falsifying army documents. he was kicked out of boot camp after 44 days and never served over seas or witnessed the lies he told.
george781014 (1 week ago)
You Republicans should know a draft dodger when you see one! Where was GW in 72-73? know one knows! He was AWOL!!!
rjspeleton (1 week ago)
This whole commentary thread started on the basis of a distorted lie about Rush Limbaugh. Now the congressional document sent to his broadcaster smearing a private citizen from the US government is up to $30,000 in bidding with the funds going to children of fallen soldiers, a charity Rush has supported for years. Thank you liberals! Thank you!
redmark2007 (1 week ago)
Watch General Sanchez! Rush will don you with the dreaded "cloak of treason" that he ..with ease cast upon any military member that realizes the disaster that is the Iraq invasion....Why would the words of a decorated General of thirty plus years mean anything to Rush Limbaugh? Who is the authority here?...Rush! Of Course! His extensive background in international studies at...wait, Rush didn't go to college.
redmark2007 (1 week ago)
Well, I'm sure his years of reading Marvel comics and being a sports announcer more than compensates...So, which label will he pull out of his "Rushies little book of labels"? Maybe, "Commie lover, Lib., Wacko, Nutto, Truther, betrayer of soldiers, Taliban leader, etc." I'll be tuning in next week Rush! Can hardly wait!
Alexltavares (1 week ago)
Thank you Druggie Rush for exposing the far right for what they are. Anti-Americans. period. I hope one of those "phoney soldiers" comes up to you and gives you a phoney punch in the mouth.
wsoxman (1 week ago)
Once again the GOOFY LEFT spins it's lies. Try hearing what he was talking about. Some Phoney Soldier (Jesse MacBeth) a shame to any military person. YOU Dems put up some the anti war movement person that never served 40 days in the military.
Where was GOOFY Harry Reid on the General Betraous MoveOn BULLCRAP? Oh, That's free speech.
SonThangMarine (1 week ago)
Thanks for allowing comments. There are republicans with vids, one is Schemefighter, another is Bosphotoman and others who either must approve comments or just delete the ones they don't like, hmmm wonder why that is.
Maybe they, like faux news, want to filter the truth. Limbaugh is a drug addicted POS, chickenhawk like most republicans.
PS: Kerry was right about the war crimes in NAM. Bring back the draft and watch these snakes slither back under a rock.
eagle275 (1 week ago)
even on drugs, Rush is right.
WhyNotTruth (1 week ago)
Support Our Troops!!! Even if you don't support the war.
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20% OFF code- "YouTube"
sillyfish111 (1 week ago)
this video woke me up to freedome isnt free, people fight for me now and have in the past. to all the those in uniform, my hats off to you and last but not least we love you RUSH LIMBAUGH!
Agrifix (1 week ago)
Rush was referring to phoney soldiers like Jesse Macbeth who lied about being in the Army and told BS stories about attrocities. He was not referring to real soldiers who disagree with the war.
eelzen (1 week ago)
M.Kaplan said it well:
The harpies of hate -- the Coulters, the Limbaughs, the O'Reillys -- spew bile, but the free marketplace of ideas beloved of Jefferson and Madison is incapable of marginalizing them, because Satan is vastly more entertaining than Socrates.
Me2toobie (1 week ago)
Context is all important. Manipulating ideas implement deception. In context, the 'phony soldier' comment was about just such an attempt. Out of context smears is exactly why the Harry Reid's smear letter went for sale for over 2 million dollars.
ojspal (1 week ago)
This is pure liberal trash. Editing a loop of video to make Rush look like he's an epileptic? Nice trick. Liberals want us to lose a war to terrorists, and they'll tell any lies necessary to make that happen.
thethinkingblue (6 days ago)
A big thanks from Rush to you lemmings...
Limbaugh never hides the fact he speaks for the upper-class white racists of the U.S.& they love him for it. LIMBAUGH SAYS: (The) reasons (why liberals want to go into Darfar) What color is the skin of people in Darfur?: It's black.. who do Dems really need to keep voting for them? CALLER: black population. (Limbaugh, is once again tackling the nonexistent racial issues to help make Repubs feel better about fearing and hating black people.)
lexcabguy2004 (5 days ago)
How could one believe that most of the Soldiers today do not support the "failed policy". If you joined up for the military since 2003, you know you are going to Iraq/Afghan at some point...then how would say you don't support it? Why would you sign up? He was referring to people like Macbeth. I also like how the maker of the video points out that Rush never served time, of course neither did the CiC Bill Clinton
menotyou66 (4 days ago)
i served. i volunteered. i served during the first gulf war and was deployed in support of that war. i get so f'n pissed at fat pieces of stool like limbaugh questioning my patriotism just because i am against this war. fuck rush, fuck bush, and all you who think like them!!!
videoorbit (4 days ago)
Weak....... Nice try lib, I'm sure you ran away from bullies on the playground as a child. Have a nice week...
PhonySoldier (4 days ago)
If the liberals are so concerned about attacks on our soldiers, then why don't they care about the fallout that these "fake soldiers" cause to our soldiers in the field? The fraudulent claims of war atrocities is being used to inspire terrorism that is killing many soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'll tell you why, because the phony soldiers like Macbeth were poster children for liberals to attack the attempt to bring world peace. The liberals also smeared General Petraeus
PhonySoldier (4 days ago)
##****It's really sad that these liberals smear our troops with false war atrocity accusations as campaign fraud. And try to blame Rush Limbaugh for disrespecting our troops, when in fact he is defending them and a longtime supporter.
PhonySoldier (4 days ago)
##****The real phony soldiers should be put in prison. The liberals that are slandering Rush Limbaugh should be imprisoned for slander and defamation. Its real bad that liberal smear groups are fabricating war atrocities to for political and financial gain. John Kerry should be prosecuted for perjury and treason.
franksnberries (3 days ago)
Slander is a civil matter. You don't incarcerate people over words.
PhonySoldier (4 days ago)
##****Rush Limbaugh was obviously talking about Jesse Macbeth or other fraudulently phony soldiers like the criminal investigation & prosecutions & sentencing like in "Operation Stolen Valor" or New Jersey Democrat mayor Bob Levy. Or phony soldiers like untouchable John Kerry that apparently also exaggerated has service record and fabricated war atrocities for political and financial gain.
franksnberries (3 days ago)
It's nice to see people like you have nothing better to do than copy/paste diatribes all over the internet.

Get a job. Unless this IS your job, in which case you should quit and get a life.
PhonySoldier (3 days ago)
franksnberries: You're trying to dodge the issue with straw arguments. What I posted was the truth. Rush is right, he is being slandered for exposing the liberal phony soldiers that are faking war atrocities, which is inspiring terrorism against our soldiers and country. Wake up and smell the coffee and get a life. You're just a mind numbed liberal deadhead on a witch hunt.
franksnberries (3 days ago)
Post a few more buzzwords and catchphrases there, Captain Regurgitate.
PhonySoldier (3 days ago)
franksnberries: "You don't incarcerate people over words."

Start being honest for a change. People are frequently incarcerated over words, such as perjury. In many countries like North Korea that doesn't have free speech you can be imprisoned or executed just for expressing an opposing view or criticism. I suspect like most crimes it can be prosecuted criminally and or civilly. Considering it is a smear campaign that is essentially election fraud
franksnberries (3 days ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you're a gimmick, right?
redmark2007 (2 days ago)
PhoneySoldier: I see two separate points here. One, that phoney soldiers such as McBeth should be considered by society for what they are, liars. The second point, is that Rush, and those that defend him in this phoney soldier deal, are intellectually dishonest...or ignoramuses. The beginning is obvious to anyone that understands 6th grade English....
redmark2007 (2 days ago)
Phoneysoldier(con): an easy inference to be drawn from Rush's conversation with Mike from Chicago.."you must be a democrat",,Mike is phoney "you can't be a republican",,Mike is a Phoney " Mike says he a military veteran,.conservative...Rush replies "yeah, and I walked on the moon"..does this sound like the rational, reason loving Rush Limbaugh that we all have grown to love and worship?
redmark2007 (2 days ago)
Phoneysoldier(con): I believe that Rush is shirking his duties as a revered Mega-Dittoe-Head and not being honest again (his junkie life, his draft-dodging ,etc). Really, is there a walking, thinking American that believes that Democrats want to lose the war? That want the IslamoFascists to kill us? Come on people...grow up and think this through before you subscribe to your next EIB newsletter!
PhonySoldier (2 days ago)
The lies these phony soldiers told are smearing our real soldiers & country & getting our real soldiers killed. The liberals have been using phony soldiers like Jesse Macbeth & John Kerry that fake war atrocities to try to force a withdrawal & slander & smear campaign to try to steal the election. Liberal lies are aiding & abetting terrorism and murdering coalition soldiers and innocent civilians.