Countdown: Keith Olbermann's Special Comment of August 1, 2011 - To The Streets


Once again Keith Olbermann pours out his outrage at the inequities that have become an ever growing fact and reality in America's daily life. You can hear the frustrations (something that all of us who THINK can share) in his voice as he tries to sort out the WHY’s or reasons for such inequalities, especially when they are applauded by the groups (i.e. tea baggers) who might languish the most from such disparities.

The media seldom touches upon why ordinary downtrodden people vote for those who would take the last pittance of social safety nets away from all who may one day need them, (those who are hanging on to a proletariat existence by fingernails) leaving all HAVE NOTS out of the proverbial loop of the HAVES (forever!). You might hear a left leaning broadcast, now and then; refer to these pitifuls as Low Information Types without exuding a hint or two of what might be done about it.

Are we to accept those who chose to vote against their own Best Interests, therefore, cheering the downfall of all middle and lower classes into despair (INCLUDING THEMSELVES) as a fact of life? Well Keith Olbermann doesn’t think so but the question remains… How in the hell can we get to these pariahs and make them see what the billionaires (i.e. Koch Brothers) are up to and that is, 'USING' LOW INFORMATION TYPES to extend their insatiable driving force (by amassing enough power) to conquer the world.
Sound too farfetched? Just tune into Billionaire Murdoch’s FOX NEWS and listen to the incendiary words of one of their {the billionaires’} shills, Rush Limbaugh for your answer.