Jim Schreiber's Panama Peace Corps Pictures

Album Two

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Bird seminar, Achiote, Colon.

Same. Carla in front from the Audobon Society

Pump for water, where I live in Escobal, Colon. Lago Gatun.

Environmental Comite in Escobal.

Danger Explosives. Some of the problems near Escobal and Achiote. Effects from undetenated bombs from jungle training.

Muelle or dock in Escobal.

The dead living their clothes to dry?

Trash problem in Escobal.

Natural Beauty, Escobal.

Lago Gatun.

Local guided tour of the lake, in Escobal. Eco-tourism!

Island in Lago Gatun.

Arenosa, La Chorrea via Lago Gatun.

Hanging by the Faro, Kristen, me, and Susana.