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A Capitalistic Gizmo That Diminishes Freedom, Saves A Life

Each day, with a strong cup of wakeup elixir, I scan the headlines for an important news item to share with facebook friends and family, one that might spark an ‘over the fence’ dialog. (facebook thread aka string) Scanning the news is difficult these days and choosing an item is more so. Because of the personal nature, ‘In the Eye of the Beholder’ so the proverbial saying goes… What I deem interesting someone else might think nonsense and unimportant. However, with much of the headlines being so dismal, my personal nature shuns most of them, I don’t want to become even more cynical than I already am, concerning the human race, so I avoid reading anything beyond the headline. Here are a few bleak examples:

  1. Good morning, November 19, 2014, here are today's headlines: Death toll in Jerusalem synagogue attack rises to seven. Worshipers return to synagogue; Israel begins razing homes… (IMHO, Many babies and children are going to die again because of a couple of psychopathic killers… that is not what I call an EYE FOR AN EYE.)

  2. Senate Republicans block bill: NSA will continue monitoring your calls - Libertarian Champion, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul helped kill an NSA reform bill on Tuesday, despite his frequently voiced opposition to the NSA. (IMHO, Rand Paul made Hypocrisy a household word.)

  3. France has confirmed that a second Frenchman features in a video showing the beheading of Syrian prisoners, and the body of US hostage killed by Islamic State (IS). (IMHO, More psychopathic killers but these thugs video their carnage in order to brag about their atrocities. SICK!)

  4. New York health officials test person's remains for Ebola (IMHO, and spread fear)

  5. Missouri executes Leon Taylor for killing a suburban Kansas City gas station ... (IMHO, State sanctioned murder!)

  6. Six people, including a child, have died during the action at the Hisar ashram to arrest controversial sect leader Rampal, but the cause of their deaths is yet to be known, Haryana police said Wednesday. (IMHO, HUH?)

  7.  Man charged in fatal subway shoving in New York City (IMHO, Senselessness in a senseless society.)

  8. Why Republicans Think They Can't Lose a Showdown with Obama - Many in the GOP have, once again, convinced themselves that they've got nothing to lose from a government shutdown. (IMHO, More proof that GOPers do not care a whit about America)


It’s a choice between extreme grotesque and utter unadulterated political hypocrisy. What kind of a choice is that? So when I came across this headline, which depicts how science technology, can and will make our world a bit less frightening. (Take that you science deniers!) Carlesha Freeland-Gaither fought off her attacker, (not allowing her fear to make her weak) which saved her own life.  And, with the help of a capitalistic gizmo that gives the sales industry, a tool that reduces a buyers dignity, a GPS that will not allow your vehicle to start if you happen to get behind in your payments. You had better hope you’re not trying to take your child to an ER with a life threatening injury at the time of shutdown… but in this case, it saved a life. What a story! thinkingblue

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