Coming Out Of The Closet To Higher Consciousness

Today I came across another Facebook, A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS, and as usual, some of the comments piqued my curiosity as to why so many people haven’t cracked the door (even minuscule) on higher consciousness. So I went about searching Google using different search words to come across some enlightenment (even minuscule) to answer this particular “WHY”. My mental travels across the vast internet brought me to a site that discussed non-human consciousness, in reading the examples put forth by the writer, I laughed to myself thinking… OF COURSE, non-humans possess consciousness and higher, didn’t we all travel the byway of evolution and because of different forks in the road, end up where we are today, ME PEOPLE, YOU COW! So with this perception in hand I wrote on the Facebook membership page (The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official) the below (minuscule higher consciousness) thoughts. Thinkingblue

Many people living in the USA, thanks to indoctrination by corporate church, corporate politicians and by corporations in general (via propaganda) are frightened of many things but mainly of death. It is a pity because death is a part of birth, yet fear of it turns people inhuman. If we could all tap into a higher consciousness which both human and non-human beings possess, the charlatans around us would not have a ‘snowballs chance in hell’ to take over and control our thinking minds. Let me reiterate TIS A PITY! So ‘in the closet’, of whatever (scared to DEATH and of it) too many of us, will remain. Here’s a link to help one find the threshold to a higher consciousness. thinkingblue


Brain Researchers Acknowledge Animal Consciousness by Kathy Stevens

Last week, an international group of brain researchers released the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness. The document declared the group's data-driven consensus that most animals are conscious and aware in the same way that humans are, and confirmed that virtually all animals have at least some degree of sentience -- even bees, according to Christof Koch in his Huffington Post blog, "Consciousness is Everywhere."

It boggles my mind that this stuff isn't headline news. Here's what's headline-worthy: 1) why science is so far behind the rest of us 2) how human animals treat non-human animals, given that plenty of us know that human or non-human, animals are essentially the same in ways that matter.

What would the world's reaction be if the New York Times' lead story tomorrow were "Chickens Understand That Their Throats are About to Be Slit" or "Horrific Confinement and Deprivation Feels Same to Pigs as It Does to Humans"?

Take a look at what we witness at Catskill Animal Sanctuary:

1) It was time to euthanize an old steer named Samson. I had rescued him from a horrid hoarding situation; he and I had been special friends; he was no longer able to stand. Many of the humans who had loved him surrounded him, rubbing his massive body, singing. I sat at his head, and as he was falling asleep from the tranquilizer (the first step in a two-part process), Samson licked my face over and over -- thirty times, perhaps? -- until he could no longer hold his head up. My unscientific view? He was saying goodbye, saying thank you, and saying he loved me.

2) A hen named Barbie and a sheep named Rambo had a special relationship. Barbie loved to rest on top of Rambo's back or cuddle up next to him in a pile of hay. When Barbie returned to the barn after a 2-week illness-related isolation period, she walked out into the long barn aisle, glanced around, walked past the free-range chickens, past the humans, right up to Rambo, who was resting in the aisle, and pressed her big bird body right up against his. He turned his head, and gently nuzzled her back. There were dozens of moments like this between Rambo and Barbie. For me, that single one was "proof" of their affection.

3) A former cockfighting rooster named Paulie nearly always chose to eat lunch with staff. A staffer named Alex always brought a small bag of sunflower seeds, and after he shared some once or twice with Paulie, the bird began walking immediately to Alex. If Alex didn't immediately produce the seeds, Paulie pecked Alex's leg, looked up at Alex, pecked again. If Alex STILL didn't deliver the goods, Paulie became irate, squawking and flapping his wings, unwilling to accept no for an answer. MORE HERE


Coming Out To Higher Consciousness

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