Gun Industry Promote Guns as Gifts For Kids

US gun industry targets kids to secure future

Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:40PM GMT

US war machinery killing children

The US firearms industry has invested millions of dollars into a campaign to get American children interested in guns and shooting.

An article published on Sunday in New York Times announced the industry’s strategies to promote a next generation of gun users. These strategies included backing youth groups with firearms, ammunition and money; weakening state restrictions on hunting by young children; sponsoring semiautomatic-handgun competitions for youths; and developing a video game that promotes target-shooting and advertises brand-name weapons.

The industry’s 2012 report, which was based on an extensive social research, also focused on children aged eight to 17 and suggested that “peer ambassadors” should help introduce cautious youths to guns slowly, by the means of paintball, archery or other activities that are less frightening.

"The point should be to get newcomers started shooting something, with the natural next step being a move toward actual firearms," said the report. MORE HERE:


More Small Town Gun Violence.





Police: 1 dead in Ariz. shooting, suspect on loose


How many more of our children must die by guns before we say ENOUGH? thinkingblue


thinkingblue PS: Just noticed a comment on my thethinkingblue youtube channel on this topic:

Jake Bulach 1 day ago

Maybe you should preech to your fellow non-white shootings, leading the counrty in the 60 most popular metro areas. and they are with hand guns, most of them have criminal backgrounds. I have awaken many christmas mornings to presents from my parents and some of them were guns. best gifts ive ever gotten, and one day my son will get my gift and his new guns at a young age to-? learn, respect, and know about guns.

So typical of the average gun enthusiast, blame the "Non-Whites" for gun violence. In their  topsy-turvy world of AR-15’s for children and AK-47’s for everyone else, just blame violence on the black guy and let them (the white, low information types) keep their guns because they are OH SO responsible.
If perchance, you would like to know the difference between these 2 ‘assault’ weapons, watch this youtube video:
When I think of all the blogs that were written on gun violence (including my own) with not a single change to gun control laws… and then a Newtown Ct happens, it breaks my heart. Below but a few:

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