USA Leads Industrialized Countries In 1st Day Deaths for Newborns


Republicans are at war, in oh so many ways but especially with women and the poor which is partly the reason why the USA ranks low for newborn survival. They clamor on and on about wanting to make safe abortions illegal, (while also trying to do away with Planned Parenthood) they call themselves Pro-life, yet their visible attitudes towards vulnerable human beings, (living and breathing on their own) is blasť and anything but pro-life. One could almost deduce from their actions that they actually want women to suffer by forcing them to carry their unwanted pregnancy to term, (and for poor women, without prenatal care) endure a life threatening experience and suffer again when the newborn dies shortly after birth.

I know the GOP is heartless but that's just too hateful even for them (or is it?)

 The richest country in the world and we rank 30th out of 176 countries regarding infant mortality, (which translates in the lack of respect for its female population) it is REPULSIVE! So what else is new? thinkingblue


Excerpt: While the recommendations are simple and cheap, they’re often not implemented in developing countries. The report blames that, in part, on a lack of political will by government leaders.

The State of the World’s Mothers report lists Finland as the top country for mothers and newborns. It’s followed by Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Australia. The top 10 are credited with high levels of support and respect for women.

As for the United States, Miles said, “The U.S. comes in 30 in the index this year. So that is not terrific, I would say. Thirtieth is not where I think most American women and mothers think they would end up. The disparity in the United States I think is what really drives the differences. So it is very much tracked to poverty.”

In fact, the United States leads industrialized countries in first day deaths for newborns, followed by Canada and Switzerland.

As for the major emerging economies – the so-called BRICS nations – the 2013 Mother’s Index ranks Brazil 78th and Russia 59th.  India is in the 142nd position, while China is 68th and South Africa 78th.


U.S. ranks low for newborn survival
Babies born in Cuba, Malaysia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom have a better chance of surviving the first month compared to those born in the United States, according to researchers at the World Health Organization and Save the Children.

In a 20 year analysis of newborn death rates around the world, the study published in PLoS Medicine revealed the number of infants who die before they are 4 weeks old account for 41% of child deaths worldwide. Newborn deaths in the United States ranked 41 out of 45 among industrialized countries, on par with Qatar and Croatia.

America's low ranking among modern nations may come as surprise to many who regard the U.S. health care system as the best in the world. Researchers say preterm delivery (delivering before 37 weeks) plays a role in the United State's lower ranking.

“Prenatal care is not all created equal. There are areas of the United States where access to prenatal and preventive care is a real problem. It puts the mother at a disadvantage and contributes to premature births and death rate,” says the study’s author Dr. Joy Lawn of the non-government organization Save the Children. MORE HERE:

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