Porter Stansberry's "Obama Scandal" Is This Legal?


Has anyone stumbled upon Stansberry’s… (more like dingleberry’s*) fraudulent video? It popped out of my yahoo messenger with this headline...
OBAMA SCANDAL - This Presidential blunder could soon change our entire nation... LITERALLY OVERNIGHT!"

I thought... what kind of nonsense is this? I think I'll click on it… (me, who belongs to the most skeptical of cynical people, roaming this Earth). As the idiot ( REAL NAME Porter Stansberry) demagogged on and on and on, I could hear (and almost feel) the fraud beaming out from my computer's speaker. I then thought... HEY BUDDY... YOU BLEW IT... YOU USED ABOUT 1,000,000 WORDS TOO MANY TO CONVINCE ANYONE THAT YOU WERE NOTHING BUT A COMPLETE (totally without shame) FLIMFLAMMER! Read the article if you've seen this felonious ad and wondered what it was all about or read it if you would like a rofl.

I will not post the hour and 22 minute VIDEO link here (I refuse to promote it) but if you wish to waste some of your valuable time, you can go on YouTube and use search words, END OF AMERICA, to reach it. thinkingblue.

Several comments from YouTube:

DarkZoma - Here's the summary of this video. Buy a book. I just saved you all the hour long sales pitch. I'm not going to buy it because it's a scam.
dewi4love - So in the end he wants the very money he says will soon be worthless.Why doesn't he just accept payments of silver or gold?
LSUuaFootball1 - People are actually goin to buy something from this dumbass? it looks like he's on crack !!What a dumbass
John Randall Banks - Could he clear up ANYTHING on this without buying his worthless book?
fretlessbass26 - You don't just TELL people that your going to get hungry. you write a book about how your going to get hungry and blame getting hungry on aliens, or lizard people, or planet X or zombies or whatever, and then you SELL these people the book.
lilnano56 - He sits at a desk all day thinking of new ways to scam those who are dumb enough to buy this book. Shit i can predict the future i predicted i was gunna get hungry and get my self something to eat, and guess what i did.wow like magic ddaaammmm im good hahaha i feel sorry for those dumb enough to buy this book you have a hard life ahead of you if you cant tell a scam when you see one...

*1. Dingleberry noun - A delinquent partial turd which grasps anal shrubery causing brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers a Klingon near Uranus - Spock needed to tear off a piece of toilet paper for his next mission - elimination of the dingleberry orbiting the black hole.


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