The GOP and Tea Party Have Turned Political Debate Into A Joke!

The GOP doesn't wish to debate (or they just never learned how) all they want is what any bully wants... MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY! It's so sickening that it can and has turned off a multitude of people who wish to use their thinking skills to... THINK. Ya think? I really love politics but whenever I feel this enormous disgust towards the leaders on the right, who act like little spoiled brats, I turn to other subjects to help me get through the day, such as Science. Thank goodness, the bulldozers on the right DO NOT have absolute control (although they would like to) over the many subjects we can choose to enlighten our perspectives and give us a better understanding of our world and our existence, such as this article that appeared in Google Science... Gravity controls icy moon Enceladus's spew

By Melissa Hogenboom


Scientists believe Enceladus could be habitable Nasa planetary scientist Terry Hurford, who first made tidal stress predictions about Enceladus's cracks in 2007, said it was a great piece of work that "ties the story together" of how the stresses on its surface were formed. He said there were "big questions" about Enceladus and whether it had a liquid ocean. "On the model I used to predict this variability in the stresses, I assume there's a global ocean. I think since the current observations are in line with the prediction it might be evidence of a global ocean and not just a local sea. "Anywhere you have liquid water, there's a chance it could be habitable. What's even more exciting is that because of the material on the surface, you could sample what's in the liquid to learn more about it, unlike Europa which has a few kilometres of ice on top of its ocean," Dr Hurford told BBC News. In an accompanying news and views article, John Spencer of the Southwest Research Institute, US, said that Enceladus was one of the few places beyond Earth "where we can watch geology happen in real time, giving us a primer for understanding other, less active, icy worlds"."The likely presence of liquid water and complex organic chemistry makes Enceladus especially intriguing as a potential habitat for extraterrestrial life, providing additional motivation for investigating its interior."


Or as Bill O'Reilly would put it, (if he could ever possibly read a scientific account since SCIENCE is not anywhere near an area that he can grasp...) THE TIDE GOES IN; TIDE GOES OUT, WHAT ABOUT THAT? He was suggesting that a supernatural puppet master was pulling the strings that made the tides go in and tides go out... I wonder what Pea Brain O'Reilly would say about Enceladus and the possibility of extraterrestrial life upon it. I'm sure he would think of something as ludicrous as THE TIDE GOES IN; TIDE GOES OUT, WHAT ABOUT THAT. thinkingblue



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