Latest Right-Wing Hate on Trayvon Martin

I was originally going to blog about - ALEC's Stand Your Ground and Zimmerman's Criminal Record.

But after checking out the latest on Current TV and finding some right-wing Internet Troll trying to spread a rumor on the murder of Trayvon Martin, I had to back-burner the post and put this latest sick right-wing meme in front.

First, here is what the right-wing troll posted to begin his hateful propaganda stunt and my comment back:

Then he went further to prove he KNOWS of what he speaks about the murdered teenager and the (innocent) perpetrator.

My comments back (I know a waste of time)

From this site:

Attn: Idaho, You are a typical right-wing pathetic fool who only uses the Internet to search for right-wing propaganda BS, to prove you are an “informed” citizen. Also, no doubt, you watch Fox Fake News and tune in to right-wing HATE talk radio like Limbaugh. (Oh yeah, facts are there alright… made-up, pulled from the anus facts.) Well, I search the Internet also, not to find like-minded propaganda but for reality and truth and guess what? I found the 'RIGHT-WIND' site putting forth this crap on Trayvon Martin, it comes from a screwball site called The Conservative Treehouse. (I would post the link but I don’t want to give this CREEPY CRACKER site any publicity)
I know you won’t read what I’ve posted below for fear it might make a CRITICAL THOUGHT pop into your closed mind and that would scare the bejesus out of you. But perhaps people, who THINK, would like to know where you get your "FACTS". Republicans have been bringing shame on our country for some time now… Many of them are hateful bullies (even in high places) and I am not going to sit ideally by, while they make our America (that’s right it belongs to ALL of us) look like a pack of moronic imbeciles! The thinkingblue

PS: BTW, I just finished a Vimeo video on some 'FACTS' about George Zimmerman and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)


Right Wing (nut) Lie of the Week- Trayvon Martin had
Ingredients for DXM Abuse
Posted on July 16, 2013 by drugsandotherthings

Oh the ignorance coupled with hatred…

Good old Wingnut News Daily is gleefully reporting on the “serious investigative work” of the racist far right wing nut blogger “sundancer”‘s The Conservative Treehouse who claims that the Skittles and iced tea Trayvon Martin was carrying when murdered are essential ingredients in the Dextromethorphan (DXM) concoction called “lean”.
He further claims that the autopsy shows liver damage consistent with DXM abuse, and that DXM abuse causes psychosis and aggression over the long term.

Now…where to start?

Well- first off- sundancer either ignorantly or intentionally as it fits his view, ignores the fact that the candy Skittles is NOT an ingredient of the concotion. Skittles in this sense is
simply slang for Coricidin Cold Pills which contain DXM.

Ok- now that the whole underlying premise is blown out of the water…

The autopsy does not show any signs of liver damage and indeed clearly states “normal”. And never mind that both the physical and mental damage claimed from DXM would take years of sustained abuse to manifest. And abuse at levels incompatible with someone of Trayvons age. And
abuse at levels which surely would have manifested in both social and legal knowledge of the abuse.

The hate, fear, and irrationality in our society must stop. It is especially alarming coming from those who wrap themselves in god and religion.


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