Why We Need Thinking Judges More Than Ever!

It’s irrational to allow rash judicial judges to sit upon court benches in judgment of their fellow citizens, especially when such a judge’s perspective is clouded by indoctrinated ideology. http://propagandaandcriticalthought.com/

Today’s world is not black and white (never was but those who cannot see shades of grey, for too long, were in charge) because critical thought is breaking through the fog of conjecture and speculation. Now subjects that were once seen as reality can be broken down and every aspect of such supposed truth can and should be analyzed before it’s considered an honest to goodness fact.

The sad narrative of today’s subject concerning male, female sexual-orientation interpretation is a perfect example of why the judges, lawmakers and legislators (OH MY) in our society should not be appointed if they cling to any kind of belief system that does not allow for critical thought. (Anthony Scalia, are you reading this?) thinkingblue

Arizona "pregnant man" to appeal ruling rejecting divorce
By David Schwartz
EXCERPT: When Beatie filed for divorce last year, the judge questioned whether he had jurisdiction since Arizona only recognizes marriages between a man and a woman.
In his long-awaited ruling last week, Gerlach said he lacked adequate information about whether Beatie was a transgender male when the marriage license was originally issued in Hawaii.
"Thus, it is not necessary to, and this order does not decide, whether Arizona law allows a person who was born a female to marry another female after first undergoing a sex change operation," the judge wrote.
He added that equating a double mastectomy to a sex change operation would be a problem under state law.
"If adopted, (it) would lead to circumstances in which a person's sex can become a matter of whim and not a matter of any reasonable, objective standard or policy, which is precisely the kind of absurd result the law abhors."
Beatie attorney David Michael Cantor said the judgment was riddled with errors and that he is confident the judge's order will be overturned.
"We're not going to stand for this," Cantor said. "The judge has made it sound as if Thomas did something wrong."
He said he could seek review by the Arizona Court of Appeals or possibly the U.S. Supreme Court. MORE HERE:


PS: The way many who find themselves holding positions of power and yet, will not use Critical Thinking in their decision making (that impacts many lives), reminded me of a poem I once heard a very long time ago.

The Charge Of The Light Brigade

by Alfred, Lord Tennyson


This poem was written to memorialize a suicidal charge by light cavalry over open terrain by British forces in the Battle of Balaclava (Ukraine) in the Crimean War (1854-56). 247 men of the 637 in the charge were killed or wounded. Britain entered the war, which was fought by Russia against Turkey, Britain and France, because Russia sought to control the Dardanelles. Russian control of the Dardanelles threatened British sea routes.

Many in the west best know of this war today because of Florence Nightingale, who trained and led nurses aiding the wounded during the war in a manner innovative for those times. The War was also noteworthy as an early example of the work of modern war correspondents.

'Forward, the Light Brigade!'

Was there a man dismay'd ?

Not tho' the soldier knew

Some one had blunder'd:

Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do & die,

Into the valley of Death, RODE THE SIX HUNDRED.

FIND THE WHOLE POEM HERE: http://www.nationalcenter.org/HistoricalDocuments.html

BEATIE DIVORCE - Ocotber 2012


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