Violence Against Women Act Expires, Thanks To The GOP!

I have been blogging since 2005, I believe it’s because I enjoy doing so. Maybe ‘enjoy’ isn’t the right word, it’s more like a relief-valve for me

(relief valve (noun) - a device that, when actuated by static pressure above a predetermined level, opens in proportion to the excess above this level and reduces the pressure to it. Compare safety valve)

because I really don’t have a voice (except for my one vote) to express outrage, when I feel some lawmakers are harming our America, our home.

I saw a movie the other night, Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012), a movie I recommend not because of its acting or even its artistry because as far as movies go, it wasn’t a masterpiece far from it, (Read a scathing review ) but simply because IT MAKES YOU THINK.

The scenes, borrowed from old, war documentary films, on the rise of fascism in the world and how cruel leaders had the capability to annihilate and destroy everything we consider normal and natural. (Abolish that which logical and intuitive human beings believe to be the meaning of life, PEACE to live out one’s life without fear.)  To see Hitler-like barbarous men rule with unthinkable bestiality and lockstep peons marching as if they were one organism (god forbid, if one should lose his stride) is a chilling and insane image to perceive (even if it is on celluloid).

Once again, I digress… the reason for today’s blog (or relief-valve) was a political cartoon I came across, posted on facebook by the group “Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens Against Republicans & The Tea Party” which questions the GOP War On Women, due to its allowance of the "Violence Against Women’s Act" to expire. On face-value it does appear that the GOP and its offshoot the Tea Party, really is a misogynist group at heart. But a thought or two deeper than face-value (along with a whole lotta common sense) will let the truth be known, it’s not that this far right-wing conservative group, hate women, it’s more like they...

money. thinkingblue

PS: My relief-valve comment on facebook:

I believe the GOP don't really HATE women, after all, they have grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and some of them (although in the minority) are also women. Their apathy extends towards all, who may need government assistance whether it be, a woman, a man, a child or the elderly and the sick. Their bottom-line is MONEY, it's the almighty dollar that is their master and because of this 'supernatural' commodity that they worship, any empathy they may feel for those less fortunate or in need, is extinguished, allowing them to rationalize that the weak among us, brought it upon themselves, so they don't deserve a helping hand. It’s a hardness of mind parallel to cabals considered outside the law who also praise and respect material wealth and the power it brings, above all else. (What a way to go through existence, if they weren’t so harmful, I would feel pity for them instead of disdain.)


Trailer for Hemingway & Gellhorn

Let us not forget the other GOP/TEA-PARTY Big Nasty, against President Obama... (Below Picture)
Oh yes, besides loving money and power, THE GOP also HATES The President and is willing to harm America to bring him down.

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