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John F Schreiber

Hi, my name is John Schreiber. I am 42 and have been playing music for almost 30 years. My interest began when I was 12. My parents brought a piano into the house, but my mother noticed me tinkering with it more than the rest of my family. She started sitting with me and humming melodies as I picked out the notes. After a couple of weeks, my parents got me a private piano instructor. I took two years of lessons and continued to play through High School. In my sophomore year I joined the jazz band and took a year of music theory. I gained a major interest in teaching when I enrolled in the keyboard class that the school offered. I was too advanced for the class so the teacher started letting me tutor the other students.

At 17, I heard a friend playing the banjo and I fell in love with the sound. After taking some lessons at a local music store called The Banjo Shop, I spent the next three years of my life studying string instruments and bluegrass music. I practiced 8 to 10 hours a day and by the time I was 20 I had become proficient on 5 instruments including the banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and fiddle; A couple of years after that I joined an Irish band and started delving into world music. I have been playing and teaching music for my full time living ever since.

The instruments I play are: Banjo (5string, and tenor), Mandolin, Bass, Guitar (in standard, and the Irish tuning DADGAD), Fiddle, Bodhrán (an Irish drum), Bouzouki, and Didgeridoo (an Australian wind instrument).

See John in 1991

See John play with the Bluegrass Naval Band